April 2013

Never Too Late

Leaders must be optimists. We must be full of vital optimism that makes resonant leadership possible. We see the best in people. We see the potential that is waiting to be unleashed. We know there are fresh starts, second chances and new beginnings. 

And we imprint this on those around us.

Who can you encourage today? Who needs to know the power of your optimism about who they may become?

What a privilege to be able to give this to people.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International



Humility is one of the ancient virtues. I came across this quote from Saint Augustine the other day in a very nice little book - The Leader as Mensch: Becoming the Kind of Person Others Want to Follow by Bruna Martinuzzi.

It is always worthwhile to use thoughts like this as a time to reflect on one's own experiences in life, ministry and leadership. So how are you doing with this virtue called HUMILITY?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

Common Mistakes When Beginning a Speech

Here is a newsletter to which I subscribe. It comes from the wonderful folks at Speechworks. You can subscribe to their newsletter and get nice short blurbs on communication. Here is an example of the "goods they deliver."


Leadership requires the ability to communicate. One of the most important skills you will ever learn is the skills of good communication. 

Three Ways to Tackle Procrastination

Here is a real nice Fast Company article on procrastination. I am going to read it tomorrow.


More seriously, leaders get the job done. They get it done promptly. They do it right. If they do something wrong, they quickly set it right.

Holy Listening

This is certainly central to our work as leaders, teachers, mentors, and friends. 

This is hard work indeed. To create places and spaces of holy silence, and to become people of such attentiveness, that others come to know themselves. And that we come to know ourselves as well.

Constant vigilance for opportunities...  Steadfast willingness to be with others... Deep prayerfulness...

May all this be who you are and who you offer.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International


Workplace Spirituality

Where does the spiritual life fit into the workplace? Is it about praying, having a bible study, taking off the Christian holidays, or does it invade the decisions we make and the dark side of leadership that so easily impacts us. Am I even aware of the dark sides of leadership that reside in me?  Do I ever look back on a decision I make and wonder about the basis of the decision, how I made it, what implications it has for those around me or did I do damage to someone in the process. 

It is so easy to make decisions that are designed to meet my needs, to satisfy my wants and dreams without so much as considering that others you work with might have wants and needs. It is a cold reality that many of the choices I have made in the past have been all about me.  But then isn’t it all about me anyway?  I sure live that way a lot. 

Good to Great and Four Obsessions of Extraordinary Executives


Here is an image I put together for the Good to Great model of Jim Collins and where the Four Obsessions of the Extraordinary Leader (Patrick Lencioni) fit into the Good to Great framework

I am in the process of mapping out a number of the best models on leadership and seeing how they overlap and fit together in to a larger, coherent whole.

What do you think?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

Is Your Work Killing You?

Growing Stress in the Workplace

David Posen is an M.D. who writes about stress. See his great little book on relieving stress for lots of insights and best practices.

In his latest book, he talks about our growing STRESS in the workplace. Here are five problems contributing to burnout, low productivity, dissatisfaction and turnover.

If Lincoln Did It - Maybe You Should Too


Leaders are learners.

Reading has always been one of the GREAT WAYS to learn.

There are so many things that you are only going to learn by reading good books. There are other things you will learn in other ways. You should have a variety of learning styles and approaches. 

Six Deadly Sins of Leadership Article by Jack Welch

Here is a nice, short article by Jack Welch.
The Six Deadly Sins of Leadership.

I may have my own list of five or six or seven such deadly sins . . . maybe even a Deadly Dozen. But it is worthwhile to see Jack's list. 

What do you think? Any ones you struggle with more than others? I wonder which ones Jack struggles with?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International


Spiritual Direction and Formation in Paraguay

Here is a great article about LCI partners in Paraguay - Hildi and Paul Amstutz. Hildi is leading a new ministry of spiritual direction/formation. She is a highly gifted leader as well as spiritual director. 

Read the Article:  Spiritual Rest Renews Kingdom Workers in Paraguay.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

Biting the Social Media Hand That Feeds Me

You've heard the line, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you."

Well, I am going to bite the very hand that delivers my ideas to you. Or better . . . I am going to let a few other thoughtful authors "bite the hand of Social Media."

Quentin Shultze talking about the massive amount of information now available to us says it is little more than: "endless volleys of nonsense, folly, and rumor masquerading as knowledge, wisdom and even truth." 

The Road Trip That Changed the World

Here is a book that leaders need to read. For one of the works of leadership is Discerning the Times . . . and that means we have to learn how to interpret the culture in which we life.

Author, church leader, "sociologist/cultural commentator" Mark Sayers is definitely one of my favorites.