March 2013

Our Culturally Minimized Jesus


We have just come through one of the Decisive Rhythms of the Church Calendar - the events of the Holy Week. The time when we see Christ as the crucified and risen Lord.

I finished reading Mark Sayer's, The Road Trip That Changed the World. Here is a lengtty (and outstanding) assessment of how the culture and church culture as well see Jesus (pp. 202).

Welcome to the new LCI Website





Hi Everyone:

We have finally launched the Leadership ConneXtions International website. It has been "in process" for a long time. Mostly because of my schedule and the amount of work we needed to do to get the content ready.

Even so, things are still not finalized . . . but they were sufficiently done so we could launch it and attend to the unfinished parts in the next few weeks.

You can do us several BIG FAVORS.

First, let us know if there are mistakes, obvious things missing, not so obvious things that might be good to have. We want this site to be a way for us to RESOURCE YOU. After all, LCI is Leaders Resourcing Leaders.

Second, poke around, see what is here, click on links to see what is there. Explore!

Changing the World and Planning Your Day

I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one (heck) of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult (E.B. White).

I love it.

But, the dreamers who big dreams have to be able to implement those dreams. Or if they don't - someone else must.

I find it relatively easy to come up with ideas. I dream a lot. I envision big. I have several of them right now. I had one big dream that I thought about all the time. But did almost nothing to make it a reality. Then one day I realized nothing was happening. I jotted down a few action plan ideas. Arranged the order so it made more sense. Then spent the next week or so working every day on the plan. Wow! It was amazing how quickly good things started happening.

Dream Big. Yes! Absolutely!

Simple Advice is Sometimes Best Advice

Sometimes I will reflect deeply and speak with complexity. Other times "simple is better." So here is some "SIMPLE" that may be helpful.

Today . . . if you are facing a challenge or a problem:

  1. Do you best at analyzing what is going on.
  2. When you are done put your cards on the table and call things as you see them.
  3. Work your hardest to make things the way they should be.
  4. Don't look back.
  5. Don't second guess yourself.
  6. If you make a mistake, own it quickly.
  7. Make the needed adjustments.
  8. Move on.

What practical wisdom you would add to this short list?

Public Speaking

Here is a great quote: 

Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening.
(Dorothy Sarnoff)

There have been times when my audience has stopped listening long before I finished speaking. Somehow we (maybe I should say "I") love the beauty of our own voice and the brilliance of our own ideas. And we assume that everyone else is just as enthralled and enamored as we are.

They aren't !!!

So we miss the cues. We keep talking (droning) on and on. And they have checked out.

A New Home for My Blog

Well this website has been a long time coming. And mainly due to my extreme busyness, a crazy travel schedule, too many writing projects and more than a little procrastination. 

But that is almost over. We are almost ready to launch. And we are beta-testing the site with about a dozen or so friends so we can find about any last minute bugs.

What will be a GREAT HELP is if you engage with this site as much as you can for the rest of April (although I hope you'll keep on the engaging long after that).

Make comments on the posts.

Click on every page on this site to see what is there.

Give us feedback about what isn't working right.

Give us suggestions for changes and improvements.