The Core Four

Here is what we offer at LCI and the ways we can help you. These are the specific service and products that LCI has that is our Core Business, our Way of Proceeding and our Distinctive. These are our BEST RESOURCES.

FIRST:  We are very good at spiritual formation.
We know how to help leaders attend to the shaping of their inner world. We have learned the ways of formation that comes from intimacy with God and friendship with Christ. We can help leaders develop the essential perspectives on spiritual formation and the reflective spiritual disciplines that help them experience God's Presence, God's Work and God's Word in personal and relevant ways. The way of spiritual formation we use is biblically framed, Christ-centered, rooted in the heart and soul, indebted to the rich historic tradition of the church, holistic in its scope and missional in its fruitfulness. 

We have developed the curriculum and process we call Exercises in Spiritual Formation. Check out what we offer under RESOURCES / The Spiritual Formation Exercises.

SECOND:  We are very good at leadership development.
If the first part of our core has to do with your spiritual life with Father, Son and Spirit, this part of our core has to do with the skills and practices of fruitful leadership. Most of us associated with LCI have been training leaders for 15-20 years (or more). For most of us, our training and mentoring of leaders takes place in the real time of church, mission and marketplace. We are on the spot and in the moment as we work with leaders. We rub shoulders and do life with many of the leaders we have trained. 

We have curriculum and processes we call Exercises in Leadership Development. Check out what we offer under RESOURCES / The Leadership Development Exercises.

THIRD:  We are very good at equipping leaders to become mentors, facilitators and trainers of other leaders.
We've found that so many leaders who are visionary and strategic, and highly developed in specific leadership and ministry skills, find themselves lacking when it comes to being developmental of others. Part of this is because so many leaders have never had good mentoring. They don't have a model, or inspiration or experience to draw upon. Many senior leaders are so busy they neglect the vital work of developing others. When senior leaders fail to mentor emerging leaders, the organization will suffer from a deficit of leadership.

We have training curriculum to empower you for the work of mentoring (both leadership coaching and spiritual direction). Check out what we offer under RESOURCES / Mentoring        (DOUBLE CHECK ON THIS)

FOURTH:  We are very good at creating learning environments and communities in your organization.
Whether you are a "gathered community" (like a church) or a "dispersed community" (like mission organizations) we can help you design transformational learning environments where a certain kind of spiritual and leadership DNA can be imprinted up many leaders, as well as the organization itself. We help you become an Architect of a Learning Community. When we do this, an LCI partner serves as a consultant (kind of a temporary staff person) who comes alongside your senior leadership team. We partner with your leadership team to design and implement these communities of learning and transformation. We train you in how to lead these communities with the work of facilitation, training and mentoring. We help you become an Architect.

To learn more about this particular service, as well as the previous ones, get hold of us through the ABOUT / Contact Us page.

Okay . . . The Core Four and ONE MORE . . .

FIFTH:  We invite some leaders to consider the possibilities of partnership with LCI.
If there is interest on your part, if we have chemistry, collegiality and community, and a sense of calling - we love to explore ways for more intentional and strategic ConneXtions with each other.  There are many options. We will open the door and see where the Spirit of God leads . . .