Way of Faith Explained

We are Trinitarian and Christocentric 
We worship, love, follow and serve one God, the Father, Son and Spirit who are three persons.  We emphasize the sinless life, the missional ministry, the sacrifice on the cross and triumphant resurrection of Jesus as the center of the Christian life.

We are Biblically Rooted
We submit our lives to the wisdom of God’s Word to us in the Old and New Testaments. It is the inspired, authoritative, essential and normative story that shapes our story, and truth that nurtures our relationship with Christ. The biblical worldview approach of creation, fall, redemption and restoration shapes everything we do.

We Pursue a Relational Spirituality
We are meant for and pursue the real experience and encounter of God’s Presence, Work and Word. We long for friendship and intimacy with God. We want to know, love, enjoy, follow, serve, worship and glorify God.

We Lament and Work Against the Reality of Sin and Evil (and Suffering)
This world is not how it is supposed to be and we are not how we are suppose to be. We are fallen, broken, lost and sinful. Sin is what’s gone wrong and God’s redemptive work is the vital way to address and make right all that is wrong. He invites us to partner with him in the work of missional restoration of our broken world.

We Need a Transformational Spirituality 
Salvation is rich, wide and full. After the merciful and loving act of justifying sinful people by grace through faith in Christ, the Christian journey of transformation and sanctification begins. The Bible describes the telos (desired outcome) of the Christian life. That we grow into Christ-likeness; that the Imitation of Christ is our glorious pursuit; that we enjoy the restoration of the image of Christ in us; that we delight in progressive growth in virtue/character/fruit of Spirit . . . all to the greater glory of God.

We practice a Missional  and Incarnational Spirituality
We embrace a fully embodied way of engaging the world and finding God in the world as we serve his Kingdom purposes. We resist all dualisms and reductions that minimize the comprehensive mission of the church and the growth of God’s kingdom.

We are Indebted to the Multiple Streams of Classic/Historic Spirituality
We value an ancient – future faith, that borrows from the historic apostolic tradition continuing through 2000 years of creative, innovative, contextual expressions.  We are committed to the wise practice of the spiritual formation avenues that provide access to God’s presence, work and Word, and then by which we align ourselves with God’s life. This is the disciplined life of love and obedience. We find help and guidance for this in the rich diversity of the streams of Christian faith.

We Value the Unity of Augustine’s Counsel
In the essentials of biblical faith we need unity. We cannot minimize the Full Gospel. In the secondary matters we appreciate diversity and benefit from the strengths and values of other Christians who have appropriated faith in ways that we have not.  In all things we seek loving unity with one another, believing as Christ said, by this loving unity we will show the world we belong to the One who saved us and broken down the dividing walls (including those theological) that tear us apart.