Leaders Like This

While we are able to help many different people, we have a CORE TARGET AUDIENCE that we seek to reach. As you read the following descriptions, for each one ask:

"Am I this kind of leader?"

Our audience is Christians who fall under the large category of Evangelical Christians. This is indeed a wide and diverse group. We resonate with Richard Foster's Six Streams of Spirituality, with  Ken Boa's Twelve Facets of Spirituality and with Brian McLaren's Generous Orthodoxy. The categories are no longer as hard and fast as they once were. There is considerable theological diversity that is comfortable within the framework of Evangelical Christianity. We work with leaders who call themselves Reformed, Wesleyan, Baptist, Charismatic, Anabaptist, and Emergent.  We work with leaders around the world with their own indigenous version of those theologies. Generally - think of a generous orthodoxy of the evangelical faith and we'll work well together.

Our audience is especially those leaders (senior leaders especially) who are working in the church and mission. Our resources and models were first designed to help those who have a fair amount of background, training and experience in the Christian faith and ministry. 

We are also increasingly being asked to provide resources for Marketplace Leaders. These are Christian leaders working in a variety of vocations and platforms (business, education, health, commerce, politics, military, social services and more). These leaders have found our resources very helpful. In addition, we are designing a special developmental resource for Marketplace Leaders.

Our audience includes (and we are very passionate about) the least resourced leaders working in global settings. North  America is so resource rich. We desire to be a blessing, passing on to those who are in most need of the resources Christ has entrusted to us.

Our audience is leaders who also desire to bless the global movement of Christian faith, where it is most in need of what we have.

Our audience is leaders who are mentors or who want to become mentors. We are committed to resourcing a Viral Movement of leaders who are highly developmental of other leaders. We want to resource those whose heart is developing, multiplying, reproducing, equipping . . . you get the idea.

Our audience is maturing leaders. The LCI resources are not for beginners. There are so many other avenues where you can obtain resources if you are just starting the leadership journey. Our resources are designed for leaders who have some miles behind them, some painful experiences that have accumulated and a growing perspective of and desire for the resources needed to finish well.

Our audience is leaders who are life long learners. These are the leaders who are curious, hungry, and pursuing their own personal development. They are self-aware about their strengths as well as the areas where growth is needed. They are interested in many things and at the same time - focused on their core competencies.

Our audience is leaders who are highly motivated and have the commitment needed to go deep and grow strong. Our resources involve processes that are long, slow, deep, difficult and particular. Think of long marinating in a developmental process and not of microwaving for quick results.

As you look over these EIGHT DESCRIPTORS - the more you have thought - "yes, this describes me" - then the more likely it is that we have the kinds of resources that will help you:

Grow as a missional friend of Christ (John 15:15),

Become even more faithful and fruitful as a leader (bearing much fruit that lasts, John 15:8, 16)),

Fulfill the calling and divine purpose for which you are created (Ephesians 2:10),

Finish well to the glory of God and the joy of those you have been called to serve (2 Timothy 4:7),

Hear the words "Well done good and faithful servant" (Matthew 25:21).

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