Mission and Values


We exist to resource and empower leaders for spiritual transformation and innovative mission.

Core Values

Servant leadership
We believe Jesus’ words, “not so with you” are meant first and foremost to leaders. The Jesus way of leadership is counter-cultural to the usual way of doing things. We take the back seat, we go quietly behind the scenes, we serve, empower and resource so others can take the lead.

Proactive mentoring
Development is not an event. It requires the best content, relationship and process working together toward the desired outcomes. We are passionate and strategic about growth. If leaders want to finish well, then life long learning is essential. The empowering relational process called mentoring is central to how we develop leaders.

Healthy partnerships
We believe mutual partnership is Kingdom building, and that each partner has something vital to offer. Our partnerships are highly relational in which we seek to “do life together” as followers of Christ and as leaders. Our partnerships are built on mutual trust and respect. Partnership assumes each person has a unique contribution to make and that each person has things to learn from the other partners. We enter into “iron sharpens iron” relationships with every partnership.

Authentic journeys
Integrity, authenticity, transparency, being real! What you see is what you get with us. We value the messiness and mystery of life, recognizing that every person’s story is unique. These journeys and stories are the “stuff” of life and the context from which we grow and lead. Our desire is to be consistently aware of God’s presence, His Word and His work as it unfolds in our story.

Contextualized resources
We value the local context in which leaders live and we seek to relate in a holistic manner to these contexts. While there are certain universal leadership principles, they must be contextualized into the cultural context in which they are applied. We highly value that cross-cultural integration process.

The more and the less
Those leaders around the world who are less resourced deserve our attention and commitment. We believe that those who have “more” are called by God to those who have less.” In these relationships we receive from each other and give to each other, with grace and generosity. LCI seeks to serve and learn from those leaders who are under-resourced and passionate for Christ.