More Descriptions of Who We Are


Above all, we are followers of Christ, devoted to the purposes of God in the world.

We are leaders who are passionate about resourcing leaders, especially the "under-resourced" leaders around the world.

We are mentors who give our best time and energy to mentoring others in developmental processes.

We are missional friends of Jesus committed to loving, knowing and following him, as we serve his purposes in the world.

We are spiritual friends (dispersed around the world) who are committed to "doing life together."

We are a community of colleagues and collaborators, partners and pray'ers, innovators and creatives, visionaries and entrepreneurs
 who see a future we believe in with all our hearts.

We are servants, leaders, mentors, spiritual directors, teachers, musicians, authors, pastors and missional workers 
who love the Kingdom of God and its growth.

We are consultants and trainers who empower organizations and communities
for leadership, spirituality, transformative learning and missional engagements with the culture.

We are a family, a team, a community, a tribe, a movement . . .

We are leaders resourcing leaders so they can, in turn - Pay It Forward to more leaders.

LCI is a Viral Movement and a Community of Missional Friends