LCI Team

Brian K. Rice
President, Founder, Mentor, Consultant

At the heart of my vocation is that of being a Deep Generalist. There are so many diverse areas of interest I pursue. I am constantly studying, writing and resourcing others in the fields of leadership, spirituality, theology, learning/education, communication, culture and mission. 

My full time vocation is Pastor of Leadership Development and Spiritual Formation at Living Word Community Church in York, PA. Check out the church here. Core to the church is a passion for missions. From that platform, I am able to travel around the world doing leadership development (using Leadership ConneXtions) as the platform to work with many differnet organizations and partners.

I am a systems thinker who is thrilled by the synergistic dynamics that emerge when these different areas are integrated. I love to find the practical, most useful ways for leaders and their organizations to benefit from those intersections and interactions.

My passion and mission is to resource and develop leaders for:

  • spiritual intimacy with Christ,
  • transformation that originates in the heart,
  • skillful, counter-cultural, servant leadership in an exciting new world,
  • making mentoring investments in the lives of many other leaders,
  • faithful, fruitful and fulfilling ministry,
  • and ultimately finishing well to the glory of God and the sake of his kingdom purposes

I am also passionate about being used by God to facilitate a viral movement (a Tribe in the language of Seth Godin) of leaders;  who are mentors and facilitators;  imitating the leadership way of Jesus with integrity and authenticity;  imprinting the world with the love, wisdom and power of God.

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For a more complete CV see:   brianrice_cv.pdf


John Hilliard
Executive Administrator, Mentor, Consultant

I am excited to bring Leadership Connextions International a depth of wisdom, practical insights and discernment developed in my combined forty years experience as a military officer, independent business owner, Fortune 100 executive and ministry leader.  I have experienced both the highs and lows of leading others in the business world as well as in a ministry context.  These challenges have forged a sense of compassion, humility, and grace uncommon with most leaders.   Because of my previous experience, I am uniquely qualified to help leaders navigate the struggles and pain associated with guiding and directing others.  

After a painfully difficult business relocation I was introduced to the concept of 'spiritual formation'.  It led me to a significant shift from my previous religious orientation of living the Christian life by 'doing'.  This 'desert' experience provided an intense time of desolation and pain.  Through this desert I was able to refocus my spiritual journey mainly through The Exercises.  The change allowed me to reach deeper and profoundly into my relationship with Christ than my previous 30 years as a Christian.  The Exercises have allowed me to have a much more profound love for God and for others and has led me to change careers and join Leadership Connextions International. 

I work as a mentor, consultant and trainer in the following areas:

  • Providing Spiritual Direction
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Men's Ministry Consulting
  • Mentor Development and Coaching
  • Leading Spiritual Formation Retreats
  • Leading Leadership Seminars
  • Providing short term Individual/Couple Spiritual Retreats

The things that bring me life and what I long for is to spend time with my wife Joanne, children Mechele, Peter, Mary and their spouses, our seven grand children, reading, times of silence and solitude, fly fishing, sport fishing, gardening, flying and traveling throughout the world.  I have had the opportunity to travel extensively over the past 40 years lately there has been a greater focus on missions trips to Europe, Latin America and Asia. 


Joanne Hilliard
Mentor, Spiritual Director

I gave my life to Christ in June of 1972 at the age of 21, just a few months before marrying my childhood sweetheart, John.  In addition to being a wife to John, I am also the mother of 3, mother-in-law to 3....and grandmother to 7. After moving 21 times I understand the challenges and blessings of moving frequently. I have learned to be pretty adept at adapting.

 John and I were worship leaders for 15 or 20 years in which I sang and played flute. I was also involved in Mime and Dance ministries. I have assisted in creating worshipful spaces in several labyrinths and love to design and sew and have made quite a few large wall hangings and banners for churches. Entrepreneurship has also been in my past as I had a wedding consulting business, designed and created wedding attire and theater costumes and owned a Christian Bookstore.

Since becoming a part of Living Word Community Church I has gone to a deeper level in my journey with God. I have had a deep heart yearning for spiritual depth for many, many years but found little help getting there. So, when we met Brian Rice and began sitting under his blossoming teaching, I drank it in eagerly as from a fire hose! I attended leadership classes, spiritual direction training and anything else he offered.  Currently I meet with a Spiritual Director and have Directees myself.  Since 2004 I have coordinated the Mom to Mom ministry at Living Word Community Church. One of my passions is mentoring a group of Moms, walking alongside them as they navigate life.

A unique gift and passion is to 'create space' for whatever God wants to accomplish in a given time or setting facilitating people to recognize  God's  presence.   Combining my gift of hospitality and passion for 'creating space' inspires me to create peaceful, restful places for others. I love seeing God at work in people's lives and find it such a privilege to sit with women and watch God meet them. My overarching purpose is "To lead the women to the invitation and the dance with Jesus", understanding that 'the dance with Jesus' looks unique to each woman. I am very intentional about connecting with women and encouraging them to discover and live into their calling. My nurturing manner puts people at ease and draws them to be open for God's transformative work.  

I especially love the following ministries and ways to serve.

  • Providing Spiritual Direction
  • Women's ministry consulting
  • Leading Spiritual Formation retreats
  • Providing short term Individual/Couple Spiritual Retreats

When not in ministry opportunities I love to pour my life into our children and grandchildren, working on a variety of sewing projects, gardening, and creating a beautiful space as a refuge for our family and others. 


Javier Velasquez
Mentor, Trainer, Consultant, Translator

Latin America Partner

Javier is a mobilizer of people, strategic partner, and leader, Javier has 25 years of experience in developing local, national, and international teams and initiatives. He has travelled in fourteen countries throughout Latin America to facilitate training and leadership development. He has extensive pastoral ministry experience.
AREAS OF FOCUS:  Leadership Development and Spiritual Formation.
MISSION AND PASSION: To help leaders develop their God's given potential, in the context of a personal vital relationship with him and the development churches who live in missional engagement with the world.
CORE ROLES AND WORK:  Javier has a number of platforms in which he works.
As a BILD Associate training church leaders and developing churches across the Spanish Speaking world, in the way of Christ and His Apostles.
As an Associate Dean with the Antioch School to provide a accredited theological education that is truly church-based.
As an LCI Partner doing leadership development and providing spiritual formation of leaders. One of the significant roles Javier has for LCI is working as the translator for the workbooks we have developed.
Garrett Lowe
Mentor, Trainer

I am a young husband, a new father, and I am approaching the end of my first decade of serving in various ministry roles. My life and work have been shaped by a quote I heard in high school, “There are two things that will last forever, the Word of God and people.” It is my desire to make as many investments as I am able into the lives of others with the Word of God through leadership, discipleship, and worship.

I currently serve as a pastor at Hanover Community Church (HCC) as a Worship Leader and Director of Adult Education.

Much of my passion for life and ministry is fueled by the desire to guide, lead, and encourage others to experience the abundant life offered by God and to equip people to do the same for others.

The LCI material has struck a deep chord in my life that has driven me deeper into intimacy with God and has allowed me to experience the “living and active” Word of God in significant, heart shaping ways. I have been able to use the LCI material in one-on-one mentoring relationships as well as implementing the material into many of HCC’s Adult Ed curriculums, training, and life groups.

Although I hope to never abandon the posture of a life-long learner, I am very much in a developmental stage of life where I am continually learning, growing, and being equipped for the “good works God prepared in advance for us to do.” (Ephesians 2:10) I am privileged to work with the LCI team where I am continually being shaped and resourced while at the same time am given a platform to shape and resource others locally and globally.

My ministry experience includes working on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) and serving as a Resident Director at Lancaster Bible College.

Some of my hobbies include public speaking in various roles (Emcee for special events, speaking at retreats, DJ for parties, motivational speaking, etc.,..), entertaining through comedy and music (guitar and singing), being outdoors, fitness, and travel…although some of these have been replaced recently with changing diapers.

For more, read the Resume.