There is an abundance of available resources for those who live in North America. Some of the available resources are simply outstanding. So why consider LCI? 

Good question. I'll answer it by sharing the DISTINCTIVES that define who we are and what we do. There is a lot of content here. Read or skim through it as you are interested.

Deep Generalists
It was Peter Drucker who introduced me to this idea. As soon as I read his thoughts on this, I knew he had provided language to explain what I had been intuitively pursuing for years. Drucker said a category was needed between that of the Specialist (with an increasing narrow field of focus) and the Generalist "Jack-of-all-Trades." For Drucker, that role would be the Deep Generalist - the person who had substantial competency in multiple disciplines. The reason was two-fold. First specialists increasingly become so specialist they are far removed from the world of ordinary people. Second, there is something dynamic and powerful that happens when different disciplines intersect and interact. There is a synergism of ideas and an innovative convergence that is only possible from the cross-fertilization of these separate fields.

At LCI, we are passionately interested in and competent in: Leadership, Spirituality, Mentoring, Learning Systems for Adults (andragogy), Theology, Culture and Mission. I know that is quite a spectrum. But it is the interaction of those different disciplines that shapes our approach to developing and resourcing leaders.

Generous Orthodoxy & Multiple Streams
We have been significantly influenced by people like Richard Foster and his "six streams of living water" model for spirituality in the history of the church. Ken Boa is an evangelical who talks about the twelve facets of spirituality in the history of the church (Conformed to His Image). Brian McLaren describes the post-modern approach that seeks to be integrative, expansive and generous in borrowing from a variety of Christian theologies and spiritualities.  We love the image of an Ancient-Future spirituality (Robert Webber). We draw from the patristic, medieval and Reformational sources of devotion. We appreciate the Pietists and the Puritans. We value the contemporary "pursuers of God" and learn from them as well. In all this, we want to find a contemporary and relevant way to contextualize the ancient, millennium spanning spirituality of the Christian church. 


The Exercises
LCI has a special type of resource. It is core to our brand and our way of proceeding. It is essential to how we develop leaders. They are a series of Workbooks that are designed with specific outcomes, curriculum that has the great themes that matter the most, a process of reflective, intensive learning and mentored guidance so you can go as deep and far as you desire. We call them THE EXERCISES.

There are three series of Exercises. (1) The Spiritual Formation Exercises. (2) The Leadership Development Exercises. (3) The Mentoring Exercises.


Relentlessly Developmental
We are relentlessly and passionately development as we resource leaders. We mentor the mentors. We coach the coaches. We guide the spiritual directors. We train the trainers. We nurture the architects of new learning communities. This probably goes way back to when we were "cutting our Christian baby teeth" on passages like 2 Timothy 2:2. "And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men (and women) who will also be qualified to teach others." In some ways, ever since we began following Jesus, we have been making disciples, who in turn make more disciples. Now, our target audience is disciples of Jesus who are leaders. We are going to do everything we can to resource these leaders so they become developmental of still more leaders. 

Mentors, coaches, spiritual directors, trainers, teachers, facilitators - we resource them so they can resource others. Pay It Forward is what LCI is all about.


Transferrable Transformation
Now we add one more vital idea. We value the best information we can find. Ideas and insights are necessary. We love to learn. What is often missing in the Evangelical movement, however, is a process of personal and deep engagement with these great themes that matter the most. We are event oriented and weak in processes. We know a lot about God, but actually "knowing God" is another things altogether. Knowing how to be in intimate relationship with Jesus for the sake of transformation and recreation into his image is a missing reality for many of us. We are strong on process, relational intimacy, deep reflection and the transformation that comes as a result. We have designed spiritual formation and leadership development curriculum that makes transformation possible. And, we know the kinds of relationships by which this curriculum-process is transferred to others.

The total transformation of your life, ministry and leadership so it reflects the image of Christ - that is our goal. Then, for that transformation to be delivered to you in such a way that now, transformed, you pay forward this way of transformation. We call it Transferrable Transformation. Think about the possibilities for your vocation and service to God. Transformed and transforming. We will resource you for transformation and then we will empower you to pass it on. 


A Viral Movement
Here is the final idea that makes us who we are. Everything that is described above is in the service of facilitating a Viral Movement of a new kind of leader, resourced and ready for Transferrable Transformation that is paid forward into the lives of other leaders . . . who then are empowered to do the same and actually do it . . . and on it goes. Leadership ConneXtions expanding outward. A growing Network. An evolving community of Partners, Colleagues and Collaborators. A growing Company of Missional Friends of Jesus Christ. Everywhere around the world. 

We believe it is possible. In fact, it is already happening. It is by God's Awesome Grace that all things are possible. We'd love to have you join this Community of Leadership ConneXtions. Pray. Dream. Envision. Get hold of us if God leads. But no matter what - live generously and lead well. You are blessed to be a blessing.