History of LCI

In 2003, Brian Rice and Brian Newman (yes, two Brians) launched a "dream" we had for many years.

We first met in 1996 when Brian Newman was the European Director of a missional organization and I was the lead pastor of Brian's home church. We began working together to develop leaders who were doing church planting work in Europe. W were passionate about and committed to our own personal leadership development, and then, to the coaching and training of others for fruitful leadership. We enjoyed friendship, ministry collaboration and the great benefits of long conversations about life, ministry, the Christian faith, and always - leadership. Over the years we talked about starting a missional organization that would essentially focus on developing leaders. Especially providing resources to leaders who lived in places where they had minimal access to developmental resources.

In 2003, the conversation started for Leadership ConneXtions International. We incorporated in 2007. From the beginning, LCI was a place of connections. We liked the idea of the Next Connection and so was born the idea of ConneXtions. LCI would be a "gathering place" for leaders who worked in different organizations, to come together as a learning, community and work together in collaborative ways to provide coaching and training for global leaders. At the time, for all of us, LCI was a secondary platform we "used on the side."

As the years went by, our intention and strategy was to keep LCI organizationally lean and light, fast and responsive and unencumbered with property and financial obligations. That value has continued to this day. Our desire was to facilitate a "network of leaders," a "global connection of like-minded leaders who would resource others around them. We wanted to create a "movement." We wanted to design a kind of spiritually shaped, leadership DNA that was reproducible and transferrable.

While LCI offers a wide variety of leadership development resources to leaders, we have a NICHE SPECIALITY. This speciality has to do with the unique way we have merged leadership development, spiritual formation and transformative learning processes. We have a real ability to help communities and organizations develop a spiritually formative, learning culture that facilitates this kind of leadership.

In 2009, Brian Rice (the lead designer of the LCI resources) began developing and using a Beta version of The Exercises. We field tested this material with several hundred leaders, made lots of revisions and are slowly publishing the volumes of Exercises, as well as a good deal of supplemental resources.

There are a growing number of partners around the world who have been trained in this model, and who are passing it on to the leaders around them. There are half a dozen "hubs" being established and many more beginning to emerge as the movement grows.

As this leadership development ministry grows and as this way of spiritual formation for leaders expands (rapidly) the many requests for resources and training have grown as well. This has been the context for LCI to develop a greater capacity of delivering the resources and the training that is changing the lives of so many leaders. This website is one of the ways we are upgrading our ability to meet your needs.

We are very much in process. And in our way of thinking - we will be in process for the rest of our lives.

I hope you'll check back often to discover the latest news, resources and opportunities we have for you.

On behalf of the entire LCI community,
Brian Rice